Ministry Themes

The power of a gaze
The issue of love is a puzzling one.  The more you love something, the more you gaze at it.  Simultaneously, the more you gaze at something lovely, the more you love it.  People are drawn to people who live life differently.  This, in a sense, is the power of a stare.  Just as the person passing by tries to figure out what the person on the sidewalk is staring so intently at, so too will students be overcome by curiosity when each leader is intimately captivated by Christ.

Exposing students to a relational God and a relational Bible
What a tremendous thing!  The God of the universe is interested in us!  And, He gave us a love letter that tells us all about it!  Students must be captivated by the love of God, as expressed and experienced through His Word.

Producing good thinkers whose primary source for growth, ministry, and life is the Bible
Good thinking is extremely important – and so often neglected.  And good ministry is founded in the Bible . . . this, too, is so often neglected.  I believe that students can truly engage the word of God in an astute manner that impacts and infects all aspects of their lives.

Producing reproducers
A tree is not mature until it can reproduce.  The method of multiplication is the Bible’s ministry model of choice (2 Tim. 2:2) and I believe that students can effectively be a part of this process.

Cultivating a love relationship with Christ
We are offering the students an invitation to participate in the greatest love story ever.  I believe that students can have a vibrant, passionate, deep relationship with the living God.

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