Can you help me?

Friends, a quick question for you. This Friday, I’m leading a 2-hour session on How to Lead Small Groups Like Jesus.  If you read our series on small groups (click here for a quick review), would you answer two questions for me?  This will really help me in my preparation for Friday!

#1) What was most helpful to you?  This could be an idea, a post, a paradigm shift, or a strategy.  I’d love to know what made a difference for you.

#2) What was missing?  What do you wish we had covered that we didn’t?  This could be a lingering question you have, or something you’ve learned that we missed.  I’d love to hear about the ‘holes’ in our conversation together.

Feel free to say as much or little as you wish.  Even a sentence or two will really help me!  Please leave your comments here, on the blog, so we can all discuss together.  Thanks!

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  • Lindsey Karlsen

    Hey Rob! I really appreciated your series! I loved when you shared about why Jesus spoke His most important truths in small groups.

  • Vernell

    I know I’m late answering this but finally thought about it a little bit. I don’t lead a small group but I’m learning a bunch of new stuff about how with the possibility that that might change some day. I heard a speaker recently who said something that really stuck with me. The people he lived with talked about God every night. Long story short, that challenge reminded me of some of the things you’ve posted here.
    1. Ask the questions they don’t know they’re asking – as a way to pick a topic they’re interested in
    2. Engage them, don’t preach. Don’t be afraid to let them talk and throw out ideas
    3. Bring it home to ‘how does this relate to you’, ‘how does this change things for you’
    For my family I’m hoping to throw in some sort of personal or emotion based sharing time or question once in a while that allows for more bonding.
    Thanks for your website and your helpfulness

    • Thank you so much for your helpful feedback. I really appreciate it! I’ll keep this in mind when I teach in the future. Thanks!

  • Vernell

    oh and I liked “it’s hard to argue with telling a story about what happened to you” and “think about the question behind the question”, don’t just take it at face value or get into an argument

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