A Birthday Request

Today is Marc Jackson’s Birthday.  It’s also Billy Graham’s birthday.  And it’s mine.  (Kind of fun to share a b-day with Billy Graham!)

It’s also been a little over a month since I started blogging again.  Thanks for joining me!  I consider it a privilege to share a few thoughts with those who read.  And, I’m excited for the months ahead.  We’ve got some great conversations in store, including:

  • How to Lead an Effective Small Group–a look at the way Jesus taught, and how that should impact how we teach
  • The Art of the Question–what makes a good question ‘good’?  Why do some questions work and others cause ‘frozen faces’?
  • Essential Postures of a Youth Leader–ancient shepherd (not sheepdog), guide (not expert or fellow traveler), etc

I want this blog to bless people–that’s my prayer.  Would you do me a favor?  If you know someone who would benefit from this blog, would you tell them about it?  You could forward them this message (or one of your favorite posts).  You could tell them about it on Facebook or Twitter.  You could even tell them in person (although that would be strange . . .)  :).  No pressure–great numbers isn’t the goal.  But, if you think the content here could be useful to someone else, feel free to let them know.

Thanks!  And, happy birthday Marc–and Billy Graham!

  • Helen

    Happy Birthday Rob. Look forward to hearing from you. No coincidence in my mind that you have the same bday as Billy G. Affirmation. I look forward to seeing what God shows you this year. I wonder who will be impacted the most by your faithfulness?? God Bless you, Liz and boy wonder Caleb!!

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