12 Questions Young People are Asking

Have you ever walked away from a conversation and then thought about what you wished you had said?

Or, have you ever had a conversation scheduled, and wished you knew how it would go? Maybe you’re anticipating conflict or confrontation, and you wish you knew how the other person will respond.

Question Mark

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know what is coming? This is especially true when sharing the gospel with someone. It would be so nice to know what their questions or objections will be … what their places of resistance or confusion will be.

I have good news! I surveyed veteran youth ministry workers across Central and Eastern Europe. I asked them to tell me the most common questions they hear when sharing Christ with students. And they responded!

We found 12 common questions that young people are asking today. These aren’t questions from a book. They aren’t from some smart professor at a college. These are questions that young people in Central and Eastern Europe are asking today … and perhaps young people around the world. I’ll feature one of these questions from time-to-time on this blog. Here’s a preview:

  1. “What proof do you have for me? Why should I believe this is actually real?”
  2. “How is your religion different than mine?”
  3. “Do I need to change my lifestyle if I follow Jesus?”
  4. “What about all the evil and suffering in the world? Is God really good?”
  5. “How can you claim you have the only way to God?”
  6. “Why should I give up the fun I am having to follow Jesus?”
  7. “Is the Bible true and relevant?”
  8. “Isn’t this just more ‘religion’—going to church and keeping the rules?”
  9. “How will this affect my relationships (family, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc)?”
  10. “Why should I care? Why should I decide now?”
  11. “Do I have to go to church? Isn’t it full of problems?”
  12. “Don’t I need to clean up my life before I can be a Christian? Can God really accept me with the things I’ve done?”

None of the answers I give are complete. They’re also not especially scholarly. They’re simply designed to continue the conversation, and make us all think. I hope they do. And I hope you’ll add your reflections to the conversation—I’d love to hear from you.

For each question, I cover 5 critical components for answering hard questions:

Question Behind the Question: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Be able to explain their position to them better than they can.

Push it Personal: Bring their hearts to the table. Don’t let them sit in the land of abstract questions.

• Points to Ponder: Stretch their thinking. Make them ask new questions.

• Self Story: No one can argue with what happened to you.

• Connect to Christ: Always bring everything back to Jesus.

We’ll cover each of these components more thoroughly in the coming weeks, so I hope you’ll come along for the journey. If you want a sneak preview, sign up to receive my blog by email (on the righthand margin), and I’ll send you a free e-copy of the book.

When you’ve asked a hard question, how have people responded? What is helpful or unhelpful? Why? Leave a comment here: comments

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