12 Questions: “What proof do you have for me? Why should I believe this is actually real?”

We all want proof. Something to tell us that this faith-thing is for sure.  So, what do you say when someone asks you for it?  They like the story of the gospel, they like the idea of believing in Jesus, but they want proof.  What do you say?

Here’s my ‘skeleton’ answer.  What would you add or change?

Test tube

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This post is part of a series on 12 Questions Young People are Asking. To see the intro to the series, click here.  To see all of the 12 Questions material, sign up to receive my free e-book on the right sidebar.  Today: “What proof do you have for me?  Why should I believe this is actually real?”

Similar Questions:

  • How can I believe in something you can’t prove exists?
  • How do you know God is real?
  • What proves that Jesus really died and then rose again?
  • What about the proof we see in science? Isn’t God disproved by evolution?

Question Behind the Question:

How can I be logically certain this is true?

Push it Personal:

What would be proof to you? What evidence would you need to be certain this is real?

Points to ponder:

  • There are different types of proof.
    • Scientific proof—it can be reproduced in a test tube or a laboratory.
    • Historical proof—I believe Hitler existed and did terrible things because of the historical record, even though I’ve never examined DNA evidence.
    • Experiential proof—I know that my mom loves me because I’ve experienced it, even though I could never ‘prove’ it using science.
  • There is a difference between confidence and certainty.
    • I can’t ‘prove’ God exists in a way that will make it absolutely certain—it won’t be like a science experiment. But I can offer proofs that, put together, will give you confidence that He is real.
  • Are there other things you believe in that you don’t fully understand?
    • Scientists tell us the universe has no end. Have you ever tried to imagine that? Which is harder to imagine, a universe that has no end, or a universe that does have an end? (“What’s beyond the end?” Nothing! “What’s ‘nothing’ made out of?”)
    • How did the universe begin? Where did the stuff for the ‘big bang’ come from? Where did the stuff for that stuff come from? Doesn’t a big bang need someone to cause the bang? Which is easier to believe in—a universe that has existed forever or started from nothing, or God?

Connect with Christ:

God proved himself in the most dramatic way possible. He came and lived on this earth. The life of Jesus is one of the most historical provable lives of all of history. Have you ever read his story?

Self Story:

Tell your story of wrestling with doubt and coming to believe with confidence that God is real and who He says He is.

Question: How would you answer this question? What you add or say different than what I have offered here?” To leave a comment, click here: comments.

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