12 Questions: “Do I need to change my lifestyle if I follow Jesus?”

This post is part of a series on 12 Questions Young People are Asking. To see the intro to the series, click here.  To get a sneak peak of the 12 Questions material, sign up to receive my free e-book on the right sidebar.  Today: “Do I need to change my lifestyle if I follow Jesus?”


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Similar Questions:

  • Do I have to change the way I live? I don’t want to be like those “good“ Christians around me. I’m not like them.
  • Why can’t I still sleep with my boyfriend/fiancé?
  • If God forgives all sin, what difference does it make if I say I am sorry or I don’t?
  • Do I need to give Jesus all of my life? Can I hold onto pieces of my life?

Question Behind the Question:

Do I really need to give God control? Can I have the benefits of following Jesus and the benefits of being like the rest of my friends?

Push it Personal:

What will be the hardest parts of your life to change? Why will it be so hard to change those parts? Why do you think God would want to change your life?

Points to ponder:

  • God has guidelines (“rules”) for our lives because He designed us and knows what is best for us. His desire is to make our lives work for the best, not to destroy all our fun.
  • God loves you so much that He created you and then died on a cross to rescue you. Don’t you think you could trust Him with your whole life?
  • Knowing God isn’t about rules or “do’s and don’ts”. It’s about having a relationship with God, and not doing things that hurt that relationship.

Connect with Christ:

A relationship with Jesus is kind of like a relationship with a guy or girl you like. They don’t like it if you try to have a relationship with them and also are making out with someone else. Jesus is the same way—He wants a real relationship with us, which means we love Him more than anything else.

Self Story:

Tell a story of something you gave up in your journey to follow Jesus, and why you’re glad you did.

Question: How would you answer this question? What you add or say different than what I have offered here?” To leave a comment, click here: comments.

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